Game Description
Enter the wonderful world of MapleStory, the casual RPG loved by millions worldwide, in this all new adventure! Experience the rise of Empress Cygnus as you take on the role of one of her elite Cygnus Knights. Follow the origins of the mighty Dawn Warrior or the clever Blaze Wizard as you battle your way through countless zany monsters using a vast array of explosive skills and customizable equipment. Meet up with your favorite.

MapleStory is a highly popular MMORPG. The 2D side scrolling game was one of the first free-to-play client games on the market and has an impressive player base. With fully customisable characters, a huge selection of items, endless enemies to tackle, as well as mini games, quests and helpful NPCs, MapleStory is loaded with features. 

The only thing people call each other in this game is a \\\"noob\\\" even though they are unaware of what the true meaning of noob is. If you\\\'re a low level, you\\\'re a noob, not a newb. Because of the vast majority of stupid people, this is a very common mistake.