Game Description
Urban Rivals is a card game with an urban streetgang setting. There is a single play-er and multiplayer mode and it ii possible to play against real friends or computer enemies.

Every player has a deck with twelve cards, which he can arrange in every way he wants. At the beginning four random cards are picked out of the deck and they are compared with four random cards from the players rival. The player chooses one of the four cards. During the duel the card with the highest attack stat is winning. It is possible to push the attack stat with so called “pillz”. With the use of those pillz, the player has some tactical options, because the rival doesn’t know the amount of the player’s pillz. Every player has just certain amount of pillz.

As a Starter Kit, you receive eight character cards which you can use to make a name for yourself from the beginning. By simply exchanging or purchasing, you can expand and improve your portfolio.