Game Description
The Wrestling Game as the name says is a browser based wresting MMO. If you have ever wanted to become a wrestler, but never could, now you can. Even if you are already a wrestler or a wrestler fan, you’re going to have a lot of fun playing The Wrestling Game online. It is more than a game, it’s like a community for fans of wrestling, and you get the change to fight them with your avatar.

With detailed match descriptions, a truly complex and technical fighting and skills system, and even the chance to create your wrestlers own custom moves (with their own mighty names and descriptions), join a stable with other wrestlers, and participate in matches ranin from tag team t cage match ups, this is absolutely the game for fans of any sort of wrestling at all.

the game is also entirely free to play, however supporting the game with a donation will give a few bennifits, such as ability to train skills faster, and get some of the interesting match types and other options at lower levels, pluss try out any new game features earlier than those who haven\\\'t donated.