Ghost Recon Online


Ghost Recon Online

Game Description
Carry out on the battlefield of the future. You are an elite soldier and you form a team with other players . 
The series of PC games Tom Clancy \\\\\\\'s Ghost Recon also has its free online version . In Ghost Recon Online , you play in prestigious cards, where your tactics may change after many battles in which you participate with your team.

 Ghost Recon Online is , in addition to being an action game , a shooter in its own right . Your address with a weapon is one of your assets. You play  for yourself, with your player , but as part of a team , you choose your overall strategy. When you choose the multiplayer mode, you will play a on a 3rd person perspective .

You have the choice between three categories: commando, scout or specialist. Each has special abilities, who are married with care when training your team,

Ghost Recon Online offers a large number of weapons and equipment at your disposal. Whether for your character or your weapons, you can specialize with a telescopic sight, a stick back, quiet, etc.. Depending on your choice, you can customize your soldier has its strengths and weaknesses, giving you multiple ways to play.

Like any good Free-to-play, it is possible to unlock more content either paid or in levels to unlock \\\\\\\"levels\\\\\\\". To do this, you will gain experience points based on your stats in battle, but also in performing daily tasks and completing certain feats. 

The competition is in full swing on Ghost Recon Online so do not waste time anymore , join the fight!