World of Warplanes


World of Warplanes

Game Description

World of Warplanes is a massively multiplayer online game dedicated to the golden air battles in history age. This project is the result of the \\\" saga of war\\\" that began with the inevitable World of Tanks. World of Warplanes lets players explore the fields of battle smoky sky and follow the footsteps of the tanks, and allows immersion in a never-ending battle for air superiority .

The main game mode includes battles between two teams (15 players per team) compete fiercely in the sky on many maps . Victory can be achieved by different means : by destroying all enemy planes or getting all points of supremacy by destroying enemy ground targets . To succeed , players must demonstrate many qualities : teamwork and the ability to draw upon each individual. Indeed, the actions of a single driver can change the outcome of a battle in World of Warplanes .

The period represented by the aircraft involved is one of the most exciting and full of challenges eras of the history of aviation engineering. Players begin their career with the biplanes of 1930 before discovering the legendary aircraft of World War II and completed in the first jets flying the Korean War who are the predecessors of modern aviation .

World of Warplanes lets players fly in a hundred masterpieces of the global aviation engineering. Each machine has its own performance and based on the history and characteristics revealed in action . Virtual pilots can fly with three different types of machines: hunters, more effective in combat short -range , heavy fighters equipped with deadly weapons and assault planes used to destroy ground targets.

Each plane has several types of weapons available with appliances and various and sundry engines. Several combinations of these will greatly increase the performance and characteristics of the aircraft so that each player has the opportunity to choose one based on their skills and preferences optimal configuration.

World of Warplanes is a continually evolving project . New maps and planes will be added regularly and combat functions will be expanded with new modes , clans and other features for the interface.

Become a Pilot ! Heaven awaits you!