Game Description
The world is your playground and your tools are the bricks around you in Brick-Force, the free-to-play online game. Brick-Force boasts access from multiple platforms such as on your smartphone, tablet, browser and social networks like Facebook. This allows you to build and share your maps with your friends nearly anytime, anywhere!

In Brick-Force, your imagination is basically the limit for what you can create out of bricks in the online world. From sky-reaching towers to airtight forts, the choice of what you wish to build is yours. If you find building alone is too slow, you can recruit the help of your friends to help your dream become a reality.

As you all try out the new map that was just made, you will have the chance to be able to show off your shooter skills as well. Brick-Force features a variety of different weapons and gear that will make it quite a challenge to survive on all of those player made maps.