DLC Out Tomorrow

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DLC Out Tomorrow :: ZAM

Here comes PAYDAY 2 with a splash of neon blood.

Available tomorrow, September 30th, you can jump into the fusion of PAYDAY 2 and Hotline Miami. For $7, you'll add a new heist, animal-themed masks, achievements, and eight weapons:

SMGs: Uzi, TEC-9, Škorpion Melee: Machete, Baseball Bat, Axe, Meat Cleaver, Briefcase If you own one of the two games, good news: you may have a 50% off coupon for the other game in your Steam inventory! While we're not so sure about Overkill's DLC pricing, we love PAYDAY 2 – here's our Steam Curator recommendation:

"Tremendous fun with friends. Upgrade weapons, build skill trees. Plan your heist on-the-fly. Use stealth or force. If you buy it, split a four-pack."


Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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