Natural Doctrine review - Adapt or Die

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Natural Doctrine is as hardcore as you can get when it comes to strategy role-playing games. With an emphasis on challenging tactical combat, detailed gameplay mechanics and trial and error, the game serves up a distinctive and rewarding experience for SRPGs purists - with finer intricacies such as graphics and storytelling put on the backburner in favour of getting to the point.

There’s no hand-holding here; it’s all about your patience and smarts, and if even one character dies, it’s game over. Can you handle it? Then read on, tough guy.

The three-dimensional battlefields of Natural Doctrine have a very different feel and layout from standard strategy role-playing games. Movement within battlefield squares is free-form, so while you can only move units across the map within a certain range of squares each turn, you can position your party anywhere within the space. Essentially, the game places added emphasis on environmental cover, line of sight and general tactical positioning of your party members and their various roles.