Path of Exile & APB Reloaded will be available on Arc platform

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Arc Platform Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World Entertainment announced yesterday that its game platform, Arc, will receive two new titles, Path of Exile and APB: Reloaded. This move will strengthen PWE’s position on the free to play market.

“Switching to a new platform is something we’ve felt was necessary to bring all of our titles together in one centralized location,” said Perfect World Entertainment CEO, Dr. Alan Chen. “Our goal is to make Arc the premiere destination for the best free-to-play online games for both our players and partners, and to achieve this by growing the platform with new games, a constant stream of content, and features specifically designed for the PC gaming audience.”

Arc is offering a full-featured, all-access platform for Perfect World Entertainment’s growing game roster, providing players a universal login to access all game content. Everything is centralized on the platform, while users receive all the important updated, news and promotions in their Arc inbox.


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