The Scrying Pool Comics: Town Clothes :: ZAM

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The Scrying Pool takes a looks back at Town Clothes and wonders what could have been.


The Scrying Pool is a Guild Wars 2 column where I simply ask what if? Normally this is looking forward and what new features or story could come in a future update. For the first ever Scrying Pool Comic, I decided to take a look back at a system that was in Guild Wars 2, but was removed with the April 2014 Feature Pack.

The Scrying Pool Comics: Town Clothes :: ZAM Town Clothes were amazing. Some players didn't like that you couldn't wear these outfits and skins in combat, but this was actually a benefit to the system. Anything that can be worn while fighting the big bad bosses needs to be fitting for the occasion or else run the risk of breaking immersion for players. While an individual player can just stay away from those immersion breaking outfits on their own character, it wouldn't really be possible to avoid if another player in their dungeon run didn't care. Without being able to wear them in combat, Town Clothes would still be limited to basically town clothing. This opens up the ability for ArenaNet to use all of those crazy ideas. Some of you probably thought that my Banana Outfit wouldn't fit in a fantasy game, but then think of businesses having someone dress up in similar mascot outfits to promote their business. Would it really be too odd to imagine Lord Faren dressed up as a cactus to promote his restaurant's new feasts from the newly discovered Arid region? It may be a little crazy, but the town clothes allowed the crazy to exist. Now with our always on outfits and lack of a secondary costume to switch to, we are left only with the mundane and believable. The Scrying Pool Comics: Town Clothes :: ZAM Matt "Mattsta" Adams is trying to wait patiently for Halloween to return to Tyria.

I like that the World vs World season is only 4 weeks long. It probably wasn't in a Scrying Pool, but during the last season I had been thinking that the WvW season needed to be cut down to 4-5 weeks and maybe occur a little more frequently throughout the year. The new WvW achievements, however, are dumb. The weekly rewards are nice, but the achievements went from a little too long last season to laughably too short this season.


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