WildStar: The Wait is Almost Over! [Wildstar]

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The wait is almost over as early access comes online in just a few short hours.

WildStar: The Wait is Almost Over! [Wildstar]

Players have waited for months–years even–while Carbine Studios worked hard on its upcoming MMORPG, WildStar. Promising to have some of largest and most epic amount of content we've seen an MMO launch with to date, in just a few hours players will be diving into the game's early access and exploring the mysterious Planet Nexus while uncovering all of the fun activities and dangerous challenges the game has to offer. The time is almost upon us, so grab your friends, keep track of your enemies and bring your best gear.

Early access for WildStar begins tonight!

WildStar's early access begins tonight with servers going live at 12:00am (Midnight) PDT (3:00am EST) Saturday, May 31st, for anyone who has pre-ordered the game. If you haven't yet reserved your copy and pre-ordered, there's still time to do so from the game's official website. Not only will pre-ordering grant you early access, but you'll also be showered with additional digital goodies and cosmetic items.

Finally, in order to kick off early access, the team over at Carbine will be hosting a 3-day livestream filled with special guests and gameplay throughout the weekend. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday - 5/31 

 10am – 1pm PDT Hot Pepper Gaming
2pm – 5pm PDT Monika Lee

 Sunday - 6/1

 2pm – 5pm PDT Bajheera

 Monday - 6/2

 10am – 1pm PDT MindCrack with PauseUnpause
2pm – 5pm PDT Sevadus

You can follow the link provided find the official WildStar Twitch Channel. The game officially launches June 3rd, so don't forget to keep it locked to ZAM for more WildStar news, updates and information.

See you on Nexus!

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