World of Tanks update 9.3 takes aim at “unsportsmanlike” behaviour

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The World of Tanks gets a little tankier with update 9.3, which as ever adds more vehicles to Wargaming’s wargamey wargame about war. Say howdy to the (US) T37, M41 Walker Bulldog, and T49; say privet to the (Soviet) LTTB, and Т-54 Lightweight; and bid a guten tag to the (German) Spahpanzer Ru 251. Wargaming have also implemented a new feature to curb “unsportsmanlike” behaviour such as constant AFKing and cowardly desertion. They’re going to come to your house and run you over in a big tank—that or institute an in-game penalty/fining system.

You can find details of that penalty system on World Of tanks official website  , but essentially, expect to be fined currency or experience of an equal value to the match you abandoned/didn’t do anything in (with a few exceptions, explained in the linked post). Also in the update: more higher-def vehicle models, balancing, and improvements to the newly implemented Strongholds mode. You can now employ Legionnaires (these are players unaffiliated with a clan), and construct a War Department, i.e. “a building which will give random quests” to your fellow clan members.

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