Delayed Until December

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Delayed Until December :: ZAM

Ever since we played in the Beta, we've been eagerly awaiting The Crew from Ubisoft and Ivory Tower. Launch should've been five weeks from now. Instead, we're two months away– a small three-week push to December 2nd.

What happened ?

Well, Ubisoft & co. want to play it safe by polishing the game based on Beta feedback:

"The Crew has already completed three closed betas – two on PC, plus a limited technical beta on new-gen consoles – and each time they've kept their ears to the road, listening and learning. Yes, they were fiddling with things like server loads and tinkering with technical adjustments (as all developers do during closed betas). But the real win for gamers: They also enhanced the game itself to deliver more of what you love." So what has feedback done for the game so far? Creative Directior Julian Gerighty explains:

"This ongoing process has already resulted in some substantial updates to the game, including everything from the option to fully remove the HUD {...} to fine-tuning the collisions to be even more realistic and adding in new visual effects. Other major enhancements include adjustments to the difficulty (for example, tweaking the police A.I.) and better integration of the voice chat..."

Sounds good to us! We'll be patiently waiting to hit the open road.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey

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